Transformation Challenge




We believe our products are key to getting the results you want so to join the challenge you must purchase (1) of our product stacks valued at $99.00 or more. (Must provide proof of purchase if you win.) 

Now that your 1Mission products are on the way, print out the Day 1 Progress Sheet you downloaded in your Welcome email and move on to Step 3!


Take your 3 "Before" photos: Front, Side, and Back. Your Front photo MUST include the DAY 1 Progress Sheet, clearly showing your name and the date

For best results, wear the least amount of clothing possible. We suggest a bikini, sports bra and gym shorts, or similar. It's important you wear the SAME outfit for all photos submitted during the challenge for comparison purposes.

Finally, upload your photos using the form below. (Don't wait! The cutoff date to submit photos is September 18th, 2022 at 11:59 pm MST.)