Shred Stack

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The SHRED STACK was specifically designed for the male that wants to drastically change their body composition.  The ultra thermogenic fat burning effects of 1FIRE are designed to peel off unwanted fat and reveal every bit of that muscle you are working for.  When you couple this with the massive  testosterone boosting effects of 1ALPHA you have the perfect pair to get truly shredded. 1ALPHA helps create increased stamina, strength, and builds muscle for an overall chiseled physique. 




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High Testosterone Levels – the holy grail of bodybuilding for males. There’s a load of benefits that come along with boosting your test levels. It increases your ability to build lean mass, accelerates fat loss, improves your sexual performance, increases female attraction, makes you feel better, and on continues the mounting pile of benefits.
In short, if you truly want to be Alpha AF, you have to start here…



1FIRE is not your average fat burner.  To truly achieve a chiseled physique, you must target fat stores in multiple ways.  We have combined the patented Lyzme5® with an epic lineup of clinically tested fat fighting, metabolism boosting, mood boosting ingredients to aid in your conquest for the perfect body.  We all know there is no substitute for hard work and a good diet, but adding 1FIRE to your current training program will give you an edge up on the competition.


Take 1 capsule of 1FIRE 20 minutes before breakfast and again 20 minutes before lunch.

Take 1ALPHA either 1 hour before your workout or 1 hour before bed.  Take this product 7 days a week for best results